STF Scholars and Students are best in class. 
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A Life Left Behind

Originally from a shantytown in Ethiopia, Sintayehu forged a new life for herself, moving to the Selamta Family Project at age 12. Now, she shares her story as she revisits her old life.

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An STF Movie Star

STF Scholar Tizita Hagare recently made her debut as the lead actress in the 2015 award-winning movie Difret, produced by Angelina Jolie!

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Graduation Day

Maheshwari grew up in a family of quarry workers in rural India, none of whom received schooling past the eighth grade. Little did they know that she would defy all their expectations, graduating from high school and even looking ahead to college.

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STF Scholars in Netflix's Daughters of Destiny

STF Scholars (and graduates!) Preetha, Manjula, Thenmozhi, and Shilpa were once part of India's untouchable caste and previously denied education. This 4-part series, shot over seven years, follows these Scholars at Shanti Bhavan as they fight generational barriers and aim to break the cycle of poverty.

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Keerthi Stars on

In this episode of “Get Schooled,” Glamour’s series on the lives of girls around the world, STF Scholar Keerthi brings you with her to show how her education has already changed her life.

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Deepa's She's the First Poem

“I am a girl and I am better than you think, sturdier than I look, smarter than you know, braver than I show and stronger than you believe.”

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Race for Equality

Equality matters to STF Scholars Jharana and Sirjana. In 2014, they organized the first 5k race in Surket, Nepal to get their community talking about why women must be educated and treated equally.

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In Roshni's Own Words

Meet Roshni, an STF Scholar from Nepal whose life was transformed by the opportunity to study at the Kopila Valley School. Learn about how education helped her achieve gender equality in her family.

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A Service Trip Worth the Miles

STF Scholars embarked on an 8-hour trip to complete a service project and be role models to younger students in a remote Andean community.

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A Day in Her Life

STF Scholar Elizabeth shares a day in her life, living in dormitories and going to school in Peru, through our partner program, the Sacred Valley Project.

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Unbroken: Elly's Story

In this short film, co-directed by Elly herself, she tells why she dreams of a Tanzania in which men and women exist on an equal playing field—in education, in relationships, and in life. (Warning: difficult subject matter)

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The Gambia



Have you ever woken up with a business idea that you just knew would change everything? Fatou has. This is her story—the story of what happens when you give a student the skills she needs to achieve her most audacious goals.

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STF Campus Chapter Members and Alumni


STF Student of the Year 2016: Anisha Khosla
Campus Chapter Affiliation: University of Rochester 

"During my sophomore year of college, I, along with a group of friends, established the STF chapter at my university. I led the chapter as President for the first 2 years, establishing our first Bake-A-Change and Sweat For STF Fundraisers, putting on a Local-Education Awareness week, and crafting an annual Summit for local Rochester girls. This year, I am thrilled to take on the role of Senior Advisor, as I'll be working for a firm in New York City after graduation. I am excited to continue working with STF through the Young Professional's Network!"


STF Campus Alumni: Azanique Rawl
Campus Chapter Affiliation: East Carolina University

"When I joined She’s The First at East Carolina, my life changed forever. I realized that my voice had the power to be part of a mission that was far bigger than anything I could have ever imagine. Diving headfirst into campus leadership, I learned to stop questioning what others were doing and instead ask, 'Why not me?'"

Hear from Azanique on how education has shaped her life.


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STF Campus Chapter Co-Founder: Cierra Kaler-Jones
Campus Chapter Affiliation: Rutgers University

"I've been involved with She's the First in many ways. I started as an intern, co-founded the Rutgers chapter of She's the First, served on the Alumni Board, and now I'm a Chapter Liaison for the DC Metro Area! She's the First was the initial spark that fueled my interest and passion for girls' education - which is now my focus of study in graduate school!"