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Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a Fortune 500, aligning your brand with She’s the First will build your reputation while supporting our work in a sustainable way. The most successful partnerships put impact first and involve multiple touchpoints over a multi-year life span.


Contribute directly to the programs that make our work possible, through corporate gifts, percentage of sale donations, campaign matching, and in-kind donations.


Inspire your employees and customers to join the global movement for girls' education through community fundraising campaigns and outreach.


Bring attention to the global education crisis and how we're solving it, through media support, gifted advertising, and event integration.

Brand Partners


Nuria Beauty, a skincare company launched in 2018, chose She’s the First as its key philanthropic partner. We consult the brand on how to maximize their impact, provide tailored visual content, integrate the product into targeted events, and provide credibility by speaking at press events and to media.



To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the iconic Powerpuff Girls brand, She’s the First partnered with Cartoon Network to align the occasion with real-life superheroes: girls who are fighting for their right to an education.


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Since 2016, Xandr (formally AppNexus) has partnered with STF to support our student leadership training programs across the globe. Xandr engages their employees through creative fundraisers in the office and shares stories of STF Scholars to remind their community of the impact they’re making in the workplace.

In 2018, employees met the STF community IRL when Xandr hosted the 7th annual STF Summit in their state-of-the-art corporate event space.


And there’s many more! Meet them in our annual report.

Corporate Giving

At any scale, our team will deliver compelling storytelling about the fight for gender equality on a local level, clear brand guidelines, and quarterly updates about your impact to share with your customers and community. Meet the companies that have made She’s the First part of their corporate giving via cause-marketing campaigns, holiday & limited edition products, and special events.


We’ve also collaborated with:

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