Our vision is a future of gender equality.

We support girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and train students everywhere to be global leaders.


Because an educated girl is still the exception,
not the norm, in too many places worldwide. 

out of secondary school worldwide—almost the size of the entire UK

are out of secondary school worldwide.


are married each year worldwide.

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781 million illiterate adults are women.


When a girl is educated,


Many obstacles keep girls from finishing school.
Things like...

  • Poverty

  • Long, dangerous routes to school

  • Higher costs at higher levels of schooling

  • Emphasis on early marriage and traditional roles


But with an education, everything changes.

  • earns up to 20% more as an adult with each additional year of schooling

  • Is less likely to marry early & more likely to be in a healthy relationship

  • has fewer, healthier children

  • changes the world around her for the better


she is unstoppable.


For young women to become changemakers, we believe it takes education, mentorship, and global leadership training.

We focus our work in three areas:

We provide girls who will be first-generation high school students with the funds needed to reach graduation. STF Scholars attend school and after-school programs with our local partner NGOs.

When you donate to She’s the First, you can be matched with the group of STF Scholars who benefit from your funds. You know exactly where in the world your dollars are headed—and you’ll hear directly from girls on how they’re taking action in their community. Want to see an example?


You can’t be it if you can’t see it, so STF Scholars and Campus Chapter Members have access to trained mentors who have experience in the hurdles they’ll face.


STF implements our own global leadership curriculum for STF Scholars and STF Campus Chapters. (Those are clubs that high school and university students anywhere can start!)

Now that you know about STF Programs, help make them possible.