STF supports girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students everywhere to be global citizens. 

To achieve our mission, we use a holistic, multi-pronged approach:
Scholarships, Global Citizenship, and Locally-Led Partnerships.


Many obstacles keep girls from finishing school.
Things like...

  • Poverty

  • Long, dangerous routes to school

  • Higher costs at higher levels of schooling

  • Emphasis on early marriage and traditional roles

When a girl is educated,


she is unstoppable.

But with an education, everything changes.

  • earns up to 20% more as an adult with each additional year of schooling

  • Is less likely to marry early & more likely to be in a healthy relationship

  • has fewer, healthier children

  • changes the world around her for the better

We provide scholarships to girls who will be first-generation graduates, and we’re focused on more than just academics. We support programs that include mentorship, extracurricular activities, sex education, life skills training, and sometimes even a dormitory—all of that sets a girl up for success outside the classroom.


STF Scholars and STF Campus Chapter members are trained to take action on issues affecting women and girls in their own communities and beyond. The program is based on three pillars:

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Leadership Development

Students learn leadership through a high-touch mentorship program that stresses personal and professional development, on campus and after graduation.

Community Engagement

Each campus leader rallies support on his or her campus, learns to build partnerships within local communities, and plans major advocacy and fundraising events.

Cultural Competency

A guided global awareness program and peer-to-peer discussions enable chapter members to become responsible and informed global citizens.



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We seek out local solutions to global problems. In 11 countries, we provide key support to the community-based partner NGOs who are working with STF Scholars, so that together, we can achieve our shared vision. This involves grant funding outside of the scholarships and an annual staff development conference in Nairobi for our African partners.