Let's draw attention to the UN's 4th Global Goal: Ending poverty by 2030 with quality education for all.

#WithMyBookbag is an awareness campaign that brings us together to celebrate what is possible with an education. When you support a She's the First Scholar, you're setting her up for success in the classroom and beyond. Take a look:

#WithMyBookbag is about the power of
education, represented by bookbags.
Where have you gone with yours?

Here's what some of our friends said:


Rachel Fong
YouTuber Reaching Millions

#WithMyBookbag I can take my laptop with me everywhere to edit videos, research recipes, and connect with people around the world who love baking!



Co-Founder, President and Publisher of

#WithMyBookbag I'm able to take my office with me, doing what I love with @hercampus every day, no matter where I am!


Activist & Youngest Woman to Run for U.S. Congress

#WithMyBookbag, I gained the knowledge, confidence and skill set to take on the world – as an activist, a social entrepreneur, a politician.



Actress & Advocate

#WithMyBookbag I was given the tools and confidence to thrive in life. I used to carry school books and now I carry scripts.


Co-Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of

#WithMyBookBag I was able to put my education first and work hard in school so that I would have doors open when it came time to apply to college.


Our voices are more powerful together.

Submit your story by uploading your photo to Instagram and tagging #WithMyBookbag. It can be a cute childhood photo or a current one of you living the dream—as long as you've got your trusty bookbag by your side.



Don't have your own?
Here are a few of our favorites to share.

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#WMBB 2017

10% of HERO backpack sales benefit STF.


Special thanks to these campaign supporters:


Scholar photos by Kate Lord; HERO backpack photos by Jen Brister