Harnessing the Power of Girls’ Groups

A key differentiator at She’s the First is that we aren’t only focused on a girl’s individual success in the classroom. We invest in girls’ collective success too, on their goals to change the future of their communities for the better, together.

In our programs for upcoming first-generation high school graduates, girls meet up in groups of 8-20. Each of these STF Girls’ Groups has a unique name and story (want to see an example?). Under the guidance of a trained mentor, they learn how to navigate personal challenges and shape the world they want to live in.


Communities know best.

We believe firmly in working with local organizations and teams, because they know best what their communities need. STF Partners have been fully vetted for solid financials, programs, and values. 

STF Partners provide a nuanced, community-based approach to their interventions. This means that while each STF Scholar may have a slightly different educational experience, each is equipped with the skills she needs to survive and thrive in her environment.

We invest in locally-led leadership with a multi-pronged approach:

  • Flexible funding to strengthen girls' programs

  • Capacity-building assistance to report impact and troubleshoot obstacles

  • Direct training at our annual Girls First conference in East Africa 

  • Knowledge sharing year-round through an online hub

By Location


Latin America

Western Africa

Eastern Africa

Southeast Asia


While we have a limited number of funding partners, we have created a knowledge-sharing community for organizations working for and with girls worldwide. If you’re an NGO looking to put girls at the center of your work, sign up here to join.


Partnership FAQs

How does STF choose partner programs?
Through a rigorous process! When we are looking to expand, we put out a call for partner applications in countries of interest. STF will have a preliminary conversation with a potential NGO partner, and if our values and shared needs align, an extensive written application will be completed, followed by a series of interviews over Skype or phone. Potential partners also submit financials as well as references, and our team will often do a site visit before officially adding them to the network. All STF Partners share our philosophy for comprehensive, quality education and embrace the programming and support that the She’s the First network provides.

How can I apply to be part of the STF network of partners?
Our most recent interest form is here, and we review it twice per year.

How are STF Scholars selected?
Our local partner programs select the students who will be part of She’s the First programs at their schools, based on scholastic merit and financial need.