Our First Million Dollar Fund

The Luminary Circle formed with the purpose of being the first million-dollar investment in the mission of She’s the First. Members make our future funding visible, with a five-figure commitment for three consecutive years.

Like many nonprofits, it’s hard to make the best decisions when future funding is uncertain. And, as many female-led organizations experience, despite a decade of experience and a proven, scalable model, it is a struggle to receive a catalytic, million-dollar level-funding.

We are proud that She's the First is ready for this level of investment and we believe our growth—at a programming and philanthropic level—depends on the power of community, at all levels. It is an honor to unite this newest donor community.

She’s the First knows where we want to go in the next three years to create transformative change in girls’ lives, and we are deeply grateful to our ever-growing Luminary Circle for helping us get there.

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-Tammy Tibbetts & Christen Brandt
Co-Founders of She’s the First

Meet the Luminaries

Expand our circle.


Start small.

You don’t have to be a Luminary to make a sustainable commitment!

The Front Row is a community of monthly donors who offer She’s the First the same kind of sustainable support, and you can start as low as $5/month.