#CheeseTheFirst is your chance to organize the cheese-related dining party of your dreams for girls' education and gender equality. Think wine & cheese happy hours, mac & cheese lunches, and pizza parties.

The challenge: To raise $50,000, in the name of cheese. You in?

The options are brie-ly endless...

grilled cheese fundraiser | charcuterie at a picnic | pretzels & beer cheese at a sports game
pizza party for your birthday | Cinco de Mayo quesadillas | wine & (vegan) cheese night


Let's fon-due this thing.

You've signed up.
Now, let's make it cheddar than ever.

We've got all the ideas you'd ever need for a successful #CheeseTheFirst.

When you raise your glass for a toast, you can raise awareness too—here's a script!

Host a Say Cheese photobooth with props & get your selfie on. (Don't forget to tag @shesthefirst!)

#CheeseTheFirst's grate origins

As always, students inspire our most brilliant ideas. The STF Campus Chapter at UMN first invented #CheeseTheFirst in late 2014. They knew that students had late-night cravings for the gooey goodness of grilled cheese sandwiches and cheese quesadillas. After UMN, STF Temple quickly jumped in, & chapters have raised thousands of dollars this way ever since!

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*Alternatively, you might want to start a fundraising page on Facebook or GiveLively.

Let us know how your fundraiser went. Now that you’ve dined, send in your dollars!