First, thank you for your interest in supporting She's the First through your business!

Donating part of your profits works just the same as making a regular donation on Upon receiving your donation, we spring to action to create impact out of your dollars and to communicate that back to you in updates that you can share with your customers or clients.

Please protect our brand by representing your support as follows:


Below is the correct version of our logo, which you can download (PNG | EPS).
You may use the all-white version (PNG | EPS) if it appears on a dark background.


Our brand colors are 28CAC8 (teal), F85756 (coral) and FDE545 (yellow).


You may represent yourself as a supporter of She's the First or say that your product or services benefit She's the First. Please be transparent about what percentage of a transaction goes directly to She's the First.


You may use photos in our Flickr album here, with a courtesy credit to the photographer or She's the First. We also encourage you to use our videos on Vimeo to tell the story of your impact.


You are encouraged to tag @shesthefirst on social media. We are not able to engage with all independent sales efforts that support She's the First but will do so when possible.

Reminder: There are a limited number of brand partnerships we can support annually and these are contractual relationships, starting at sponsorship levels of $15,000. If you are interested in pursuing a partnership at this level, please email our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Katie Riley, at Otherwise, we respectfully ask that you avoid identifying as a partner or partnership. 

She's the First is a movement, and our goal is to make it easy and self-sufficient, so as many people as possible can support. Thank you for your interest in making She's the First a part of the business you love.