Ask for the gift everyone wants to give:
An education.

In honor of our 10th birthday this year, we want to help as many people as we can turn their own special day into impact! Support thousands of girls on their quest to be the first in their families to graduate high school.

Is your birthday later in the year? Share your birthday here, and we’ll remind you as the big day approaches!

It’s this simple:

1) Set it up.

We suggest setting up a Facebook fundraiser—it takes just a few seconds and is easy to share. Not on Facebook? Set up a birthday fundraiser here.

2) Tell your story.

Where has your education taken you? What’s gotten you this far is powerful—and inspiring to others who want to invest in quality education.

3) Share away.

We’ve got all your talking points, from social to email.


Check out our Digital Toolkit, filled with everything you need to make your fundraiser a smashing success.

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Don’t worry—we did all the work of prepping emails and outreach to your network. Simply edit as needed & click send!


Spreading the word on social media? We’ve got pre-made posts to share on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

*Raise more than $300? You’re eligible to be matched to the specific group of STF Scholars you’re supporting! You’ll receive their profile (like this!) and an annual update. But we need your email address, so drop us a note here.

Join the party:

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