STF supports girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students everywhere to be global citizens. 


Many obstacles keep girls from finishing school.
Things like...

  • Poverty

  • Long, dangerous routes to school

  • Higher costs at higher levels of schooling

  • Emphasis on early marriage and traditional roles

When a girl is educated,


she is unstoppable.

But with an education, everything changes.

  • earns 20% more per year of schooling she finishes

  • Is less likely to marry early and more likely to be in a healthy relationship

  • has fewer, healthier children

  • changes the world around her for the better


Looking for more research on girls' ed? Here's our favorite book!


At STF, it's not about getting her into school; it's about getting her to graduation and beyond. Along the way, we equip her with all the tools she'll need to be successful – both inside and outside of her classroom.

STF Scholars may be good at math or biology, but they're also able to help translate a land deed for their parents, or to lead a community project to fix a well. They're local leaders, and they're building all the skills they'll need to get jobs, support their families, and change their communities.



Scholarships are the single most effective way to combat poverty, providing girls with the opportunity to finish school without worrying about how to raise money to cover tuition fees.



Vulnerable students thrive when they have a role model to show them what's possible. That's why STF works with partners who believe in targeted, curriculum-based mentorship to provide ongoing support and interventions as needed on an individual basis.


Health &

It's hard to concentrate when you're sick, which is why all STF Scholars need the basics, too—things like uniforms, shoes, healthy food, and medicine when they aren't feeling well.



Wherever applicable, STF covers the boarding costs of students who live in dorms or other partner-sponsored housing. A supportive home environment means she’s free to study and she doesn't have to worry about dangerous, daunting commutes to school.



STF Scholars are part of an international network, all working toward a more equal world. They participate in STF’s Global Awareness Program, along with students from our campus program, to become more informed about the issues facing women and girls worldwide—and what actions they can take.


We start by choosing our international partner organizations very carefully.
They identify high-potential girls who show both financial need as well as scholastic merit.


STF Scholars are leaders. They’re changemakers.
And they’re about to take over the world. 

STF works with local organizations to promote local capacity growth as well as sustainable impact in 11 countries around the world:


Western Africa

  • Sierra Leone
  • The Gambia


  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • South Sudan


  • Guatemala
  • Peru

South Asia

  • India
  • Nepal

Creating a world full of graduates doesn’t happen overnight, but it's entirely possible. 

That’s why She’s the First builds ties among campus students, STF Scholars, professionals, donors, and local NGOs—because we’ll need a movement to make this future a reality.


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