At She's the First, we know that the global challenges facing girls have local solutions, which is why we launched Girls First. At our Girls First Summits, we co-host a girl-focused training conference with a local partner. We use participatory methods to decide on training themes, and hire local facilitators to train us all on the latest developments to best serve girls.

To join us in our journey of putting girls first, practitioners are encouraged to join our Girls First Network. Apply here.


The other truth we know? Girls are the experts of their own experiences. They know better than anyone what their needs are, where the obstacles lay, and how programs can fall short of fulfilling their needs. That’s why we developed Girl Hour, in collaboration with Akili Dada.

Girl Hour is a method for conferences and organizations to center girls’ voices and strengthen programming possibilities. At conferences, Girl Hour is a panel in which practitioners or attendees reconnect with the ‘why’ of their work—while reminding themselves of the most important step in developing programs for girls: Talk to them! We invite girls to be the experts, and for practitioners to ask in-depth questions, resulting in better girls’ programs and more inclusive systems. This method allows for girls to be part of the work in real time. Within organizations, Girl Hour facilitation guides can be used to guide focused sessions with girls, to determine the efficacy of our programs and new strategies for moving forward.


Ready to host your own? In the Girls First Playbook, organizations and conference facilitators learn how to host their own Girl Hour and to include girls’ voices, either in a conference setting or within an organization. The playbook includes:

  • Detailed instructions on how to choose the Girl Experts on your panel

  • Strategies for making the most of your Girl Hour

  • Guides for facilitating conversations with girls to inform the direction of your program

Organizations may also opt for She’s the First or Akili Dada to consult or facilitate Girl Hour or focus groups with girls.

“Above all I learned we should incorporate girls on the issues we believe we are helping them with. Girls know and understand more of their challenges than we think.”