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All humans inherently have rights, and yet again and again, girls are denied the ability to experience theirs. That’s why for this year’s Day of the Girl, girls across the globe are joining their voices together to release a Global Girls’ Bill of Rights — because regardless of where we are born, the color of our skin, or the money our families can access, we all deserve to experience our rights.

Ready to get involved?

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For girls:

  • Gather with your friends to submit your top ten rights. Use the how-to guide if needed!

  • Apply to join the Global Panel and vote on the final document (due August 15).

  • Share on and after Day of the Girl, to demand that all girls’ rights be heard and respected!

For organizations:

  • Gather a group of girls and, using the how-to sheet, coordinate their submission of their top ten rights.

  • Sign your organization’s support.

  • Share the Girls’ Bill of Rights and your organization’s involvement on October 11, 2019. (You’ll automatically be emailed materials for this when you sign your support!)

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