What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but were afraid to try?

Whether it be skydiving, public speaking, or trying a new food, we're all afraid of something. What better way to conquer that fear than to take part in our Face Your Fears Challenge

Now you have the chance to raise money for girls' education by trying something new and daring.


Dust off those pom-poms. It may be difficult for your friend to step outside their comfort zone, but it’s much easier with a cheerleader (and an incentive like your donation!).

Pics or it didn’t happen. Once the challenge is complete, make sure your friend posts their adventures on social media and uses the hashtag #AnythingForEducation so that we can celebrate them.

Pay up. Donate to She's the First on your friend's behalf.


Get organized. Create a GiveLively page and set a fundraising goal.

Spread the word. Let friends and family know what you’re up to and ask for their support in raising the funds.

Actions speak louder than words. Once your fundraising goal is met, it’s time to face your fears.

Pics or it didn’t happen. Upload photo/video evidence on social media using the hashtag #AnythingForEducation and get all the glory.


*Go skydiving   *Ride a roller coaster   *Ask for a raise   *Go on a blind date   *Travel solo

*Try a daring new food   *Go scuba diving   *Donate blood   *Hike up a mountain   *Sing for an audience

*Cut/dye your hair   *Go bungee jumping   *Hold a snake   *Give a speech   *Move to a new city

  • Challenge a Friend
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Challenge a Friend

    I, , will donate $ to She's the First if completes the following challenge:

  • Set a Challenge for Yourself

    If I, , raise $ for She's the First I will:

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Once each challenge is completed, share your adventures online to show your friends and family what you've accomplished! Make sure to use the hashtag #AnythingForEducation to share your story and inspire others.